Cleaning Service

  What is DRYZONE?  How does it work?

This [DRYZONE] dry cleaning machine was made for Kendo Bogu.
In nature, ozone is present in the atmosphere, such as highland, coastal, and forest. It is playing the role of self-cleaning, such as deodorizing and sterilizing method.

Dryzone has the same mechanism by which lightning produces ozone in nature.

This DRYZONE has the disinfecting power, powerful which has 6 times of chlorine and has the speed which can kill bacteria instantly. DRYZONE will not damage the material and wont over dry.

After the service, your kendo bogu will feel soft and comfortable to practice.

Depending on how long you haven't been cleaning your Kendo Bogu, the odor may or may not go away. Also, if you use imitation Kendo Bogu or a non Mazkiya USA, Inc. Kendo Bogu, we cannot guarantee this process would work.

It is like taking your suite to a dry clean store. To keep your Kendo Bogu odor /bacteria free, you will need to take it in to get dry clean by DRYZONE.


DRYZONE dry cleaning process will take 7 - 8 hours.
It is the best to drop off your Kendo Bogu and pick it up the next day.


We accept the following items for DRYZONE services:
  • KENDO [MEN] (helmet)
  • KENDO [KOTE] (gloves)
  • KENDO [TARE] (protection belt)
  • KENDO GI & HAKAMA (uniforms)

  WHAT IS THE COST FOR DRYZONE dry clean process?

  • KENDO [MEN] - $20.00 (plus tax)
  • KENDO [KOTE] - $20.00 (plus tax)
  • KENDO [TARE] - $20.00 (plus tax)
  • KENDO [MEN] & [KOTE] - $30.00 (plus tax)


  • S&H (Shipping and Handling) varies
  • Shipping Option: USPS or FedEx

Please be advised that this DRYZONE dry clean process is for deodorizing and sterilizing ONLY. Please do not mistaken with normal dry clean process where your Kendo Bogu comes out clean with brand new aizome (indigo dye). That would be a total different process and extra charge.

How to Order

Please download Order Form and send it to us by fax. Fax: 310-212-7311

Download "DRYZONE Cleaning Order Form"

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