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We are one of finest Iaido, Jodo, Kendo, Kyudo, and Naginata Equipment warehouse supplier in the United States and Japan! We sell high quality but reasonable price Iaido, Jodo, Kendo, Kyudo, and Naginata equipments.
Our in-store and online store have a large selection of budo equipment to all levels from starters to high ranking senseis (instructors).

We are honored to have Matsu Budogu, Inc. to have business partner with Mr. Yoshio Yamada sensei (Kyoshi 8 Dan) from Niigata, Japan.
Our Matsu Budogu, Inc. staff is highly skilled in various divisions, who have participated in local, international, and world tournaments.

About Our Products - The highest quality of Shinai and Bogu -

Kendo is the oldest of several martial arts studied in Japan. In fact in the past, it was practiced by samurai as a way of bolstering physical and mental power.
Previously various woods were used for the swords, but in the eighteenth century the use of bamboo became established, it called Shinai. It was also at this time that the protective gear, Bogu (face-mask, body-protector, gauntlets, and tuille) that are still used today, were devised.

Our Shinai and Bogu are mainly produced by Kendo gear production experts in a small factory in Niigata, Japan. The experts have carried on the torch for production. They choose materials very carefully and process them with great care at each stage of production.

Matsu Budogu offers the highest quality of Shinai and Bogu which are carefully selected by our Kendo Masters.

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The voice of recommendation of one of Kendo masters

Our Products Hosokawa Sensei
By: Hosokawa Sensei (SCKF)

"If you are debating over which koto style shinai to purchase, Matsu Budogu's BIZAN is a great choice! The one I purchased has excellent balance and the staves are nicely aligned without any gaps in between. I would highly recommend the BIZAN shinai!"

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