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    KENDO (10) BULK SHINAI (size 39)

    Price:   $240.00 $300.00

    Available Options:

    Please see the list of shinai down below for available grip sizes. Some sizes are Out of Stock/Back Order.

    (10) BULK KENDO SHINAI - size 39 shikumi shinai (standard college/adult size bamboo sword with parts). Choose any grip size of 39 Shikumi Shinai and get dojo/group discount of 20% OFF! Standard grip size is 25 to 26. If you would like medium grip size, you can try the 27 grip. If you would prefer thicker grip size then you can go for the 29 to 30 grip. This discount is only prior to KENDO SHIKUMI (STRUCTURED) SHINAI ONLY. We also have mix-in-match service for 39 shinai (25 grip to 30 grip).

    If you wish to mix-in-match of 25,26,27,28,29,30, please indicate in the comment/description box.
    Measures: Length 47 in
    If you have any questions about Bulk Kendo Shinai, please contact us by e-mail or call our office during business hours.

    NOTE: Due to some changes from our Headquarter in Japan, Free Shinai tsuba & tsubadome will not come with the purchase of Shikumi Shinai (structure shinai). To purchase a Shinai tsuba & tsubadome will be an extra charge. We have added an option column for the tsuba & tsubadome.
    If you are new to purchasing a shinai, don't forget to add the tsuba & tsubadome.

    39 (25 grip) Standard grip - OUT OF STOCK!
    39 (26 grip) Standard grip - OUT OF STOCK!
    39 (27 grip) Medium grip - LOW STOCK
    39 (28 grip) Medium grip - LOW STOCK
    39 (29 grip) Thick grip OUT OF STOCK!
    39 (30 grip) Thick grip - OUT OF STOCK!

    Please reffer to "TIPS FOR HOW TO CHOOSE ITEM"
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