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    *Advanced version of the highest-quality polyester iaido uniform It is lighter than traditional polyester, improving ease of handling.
    *Expert craftsmen from Nishijin, Kyoto, meticulously hand-sewn each piece.
    *The soft texture and luxurious sheen enhance the beauty of iaido performances.
    *The fabric incorporates anti-static threads (Toray’s ultra-static lining Luana), eliminating unpleasant static cling and crackling sounds.
    *It also repels dust, ensuring a consistently clean and refreshing feel.
    *Additionally, the tubular sleeve kimono design with an okumi panel makes it less prone to becoming disheveled.
    *Please note that chest and inner ties are not included.
    * Color: Black
    *100% Polyester

    The mechanism by which Luana shuts out static electricity is called the corona discharge principle.
    It safely removes static electricity generated by friction or separation by neutralizing it with electricity of opposite polarity.
    Through the instantaneous and repeated action of corona discharge, Luana permanently eliminates static electricity.

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