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    KENDO HAKAMA [TESSHIN] #10000 - made of 100% Cotton, dyed in Aizome Indigo Dye, nicely pressed and temporarly sewed for secure the front & back crease. Mazkiya/Nichibushin Hakama's are different to all other manufactured hakamas. The difference is that the back side of the hakama is slightly raised. The reason for the raised hakama is to look professional and decrease of tripping over from the hakama.
    Lower the number (#8000, #8800), fabric becomes light and soft cloth.On the other hand, the folds are easier to disappear than the fabric with a higher number, the strength of the fabric itself drops. Higher the number (#10000, #12000), it will be heavier but it will be a strong fabric that can be used for a long time, as the fold is hard to disappear.

    Please be advised, all 100% cotton items does shrink half to one full size.

    Size Chart (measurement from waist to ankle):
    Size 24 (88 cm / 35.04 in)
    Size 24.5 (90 cm / 35.43 in)
    Size 25 (92 cm / 36.22 in)
    Size 25.5 (93.5 cm / 36.61 in)
    Size 26 (95 cm / 37.40 in) BACK ORDER
    Size 26.5 (97 cm / 38.19 in)
    Size 27 (99 cm / 38.58 in)
    Size 27.5 (101 cm / 39.76 in)
    Size 28 (103 cm / 40.55 in)
    Size 28.5 (105 cm / 41.34 in)
    Size 29 (107 cm / 42.13 in)

    EMBROIDERY SERVICE: If you would like to add your name on to the Kendo Hakama, please fill out the [EMBROIDERY ORDER] Form and e-mail it out to torrance@mazkiya.net (Be sure to fill in the[Letters and Request] box as [Kendo Hakama Paid with Online Order #]).Thank you.

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