Zekken Service

What is "Tare Name/Tare Zekken" - to identify yourself during wearing your Bogu at tournaments or practices, you must wear a cloth with your name and a team name on top of Tare.

    Sample Tare Zekken

High quality cloth material with Dojo name in white embroidered at top, and your name with white Clarino lether stitched at bottom.
You can choose Gyosho font or Kaisyo font for your Kanji or Katakana name.

ZEKKEN: It is made of 100% cotton, dyed with high quality Aizome along with white Clarino leather letters stitched. It represents yourself and your dojo when you go out for tournaments. When you purchase a bogu set, eventually you will need a zekken.
Most popular Zekken style customers would purchase will be the Clarino Leather Zekken. Mazkiya USA provides 3 different styles of Zekken available to our customers (Clarino Leather Zekken, Embroidery Zekken and Ironized Zekken).
Most font designs can be done by Mazkiya USA. Mazkiya USA is offering a group discout of 10 or more zekken orders. For more information please contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Clarino Leather Zekken ($40.00 each)

Embroidery Zekken ($55.00 each)

NOTE: When you order Zekken through our fax or e-mail, please fill out the form clearly and accurate.
For example: Name - C. Adam (it will come out like [C. A] is in Caps and [dam] is in lower case). Dojo Name - GEDATSU (it will come out all in Caps)

How to Order

Please download Order Form and send it to us by fax. Fax: 310-212-7311

Download "Zekken Order Form"

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