Nafuda / Zekken Service

What is "Nafuda/Zekken" - to identify yourself during wearing your Bogu at tournaments or practices, you must wear a cloth with your name and a team name on top of Tare.

    Sample Nafuda/Zekken

You can choose either a standard font (Kaisho) or calligraphy font (Gyosho) style.

You can choose either MS Gothic or Century font style for club/dojo name and your last name.

NAFUDA / ZEKKEN: It is made of 100% cotton, dyed with high quality Aizome along with white Clarino leather letters stitched. It represents your club/dojo and yourself when you compete for tournaments. Most popular Zekken style customers would purchase will be the Clarino Leather. MATSU BUDOGU provides 3 different styles of zekken options available for our customers (Clarino Leather, Embroidery, and Hosen). We do offer club/dojo discounts. Minimum order of 10 nafuda/zekken is required for the discount. For group discount inquires, please e-mail us at

NOTE: When you order Zekken through our fax or e-mail, please fill out the form clearly and accurate. For example: Name - S. Matsumoto (it will come out like [S. M] is in Caps and [atsumoto] is in lower case). Dojo Name - GEDATSU (it will come out all in Caps)

How to Order

Please download + fill out the order form and send it to us by fax or email at (626) 872-2379,

Download "Nafuda / Zekken Order Form"

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