Personalized Services

Our mission is to provide you with a reliable and personalized service. We confidently provide a variety of services which can include the following:


Depending on the condition of the leather, it can be repaired by patching or re-palming.

We highly recommend to consult with our repairman first before moving forward with the process.
Since the repair process is done by hand, it may take weeks to a month. (This only applies to full palm repair, custom repair, etc.) For a consultation, please send us images of the kote at

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NAFUDA /ZEKKEN is made of 100% cotton, dyed with high quality Aizome along with white Clarino leather letters stitched. It represents your club/dojo and yourself when you compete for tournaments. It is best to place an order when you purchase a bogu set. Keep in mind it will take at least 3-4 weeks for the zekken to process and ship to your address.

Most popular Zekken style customers would purchase will be the Clarino Leather Zekken. MATSU BUDOGU provides 3 different styles of nafuda/zekken options available for our customers (Clarino Leather, Embroidery, and Hosen).

We do offer club/dojo discounts. Minimum order of 10 nafuda/zekken is required for the discount. For group discount inquiries, please e-mail us at

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In Japan, most of Kendo players and masters personalize own Kendo wears and gears by placing your name and Dojo name on them.
The name embroidery is individually stitched with your choice of colors and fonts.

The embroidery will be placed on the front part of Kendo-Gi and back of the Hakama. Embroidery on Bogu set will be on Men (helmet), Kote (gloves), and Tare (belt). Other available embroidery services are mejirushi, shinpanki, shinpanki bag, shinai bag/name tag, bogu name tag, iaido uniforms, kyudo uniforms, naginata uniforms, etc. Available font options are English, Japanese, and some Chinese characters.

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This [DRYZONE] cleaning machine was made for Kendo Bogu.
In nature, ozone is present in the atmosphere, such as highland, coastal, and forest. It is playing the role of self-cleaning, such as deodorizing and sterilizing method.
Dryzone has the same mechanism by which lightning produces ozone in nature. This DRYZONE has the disinfecting power, powerful which has 6 times of chlorine and has the speed which can kill bacteria instantly. DRYZONE will not damage the material and wont over dry.

Depending on the condition of your bogu, it will take couple sessions to disinfect and deodorize. The cleaning service will not work for low-quality bogu set due to imitation/cheap materials used on low-quality bogu set.

Note: The cleaning service does not include redye, repaint, retouch, repair, etc.

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